sonic meditations and graphic scores for the heart

Jan 28 2018

It is Sunday. Thank you for the support. The travel is Big this week. My mother turns 66 in a few days. I wait for that moon to show. I play the unburdening improvisations with Kevin. I drive to the bay. The green spring/winter grass shines and moves like a sea. It will be long soon. I spot a golden poppy blooming off Shattuck. Spiraling towards my destination I see Russell ave. Ancestors arrive. Powerful spring. Traveling. My father and his box of extra keys. Always prepared. I am also preparing. Rova is 40. Angela’s epic works plays on the walls. Dohee sings. We are all present. Phillip and Claudia across the room. We break open our fortune cookies. You are heading to Norway. David is laughing. We arrive together. we are laughing. we are preparing for what is to come. I offer tea to Thollem. The horses dance on paper. Your brother and I talk about the family. We pile in the car and sail over the bridge into the mission. peace. love. support. Everyone, all things. Ride with the ancestors. Celebrate the glory you are.


Can we dream another way together?

Can we begin with a dream?

Can we share our dream whispers?

Are we building this dream together?

Did you see me in your dream?

It is a circle. It is a wet willow root you find with your nose. Let’s write some music together.

Under the stars the music washes over.


January 26. Listen with the heart. Notice when you are not listening to the heart. Return to listening to the heart. Can you find a heart sound with no direction? A floating sound? Melissa, Lemon Balm from the cold winter ground. Tea. A heart dream. Traveling with a group of dreaming students. a rainbow. a view from above the trees. a red winged blackbird in the park. a rainbow. the feathered serpent, the burned church wood sculpture, the cacao tomb, the masks, the snowy painting. A dream we are in together. Crossing the Golden Gate. The flower in her hair. Can you listen to our dreaming heart?


Dream the sounds before morning light.

Wandering song/Moaning song- (just before sunrise) Listen to all sounds everywhere wherever you are. Find a place in your body that hurts or is constricted. Listen from this place.Begin with a moaning sound. Direct your sound to the place in your body that hurts. Wander sound(s) out of the body and into the body. Wander to other places in the body. Glide your sounds up and down the body. Out to the sky and back into the body places you find. Sound until the morning clouds blossom/open.


Early January. Elevation 1400′. Build a fire. Drink Rose Tea. Find the climbing rose branches. Build the fire again and again. Warm your heart. Listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. Sound your heart sound. Dream your grandmother’s roses. Dream the deep connection. Go out into place you dream.


Late January. Elevation 52′. When you notice the first wild almond tree in bloom. Ride out into the county Rds. Find an Almond orchard in full bloom. Walk slowly into the orchard. Listening to all sounds. When you desire, walk towards a sound. Continue to listen and to pick up a different sound and to move towards it. Repeat.


Find a soft place inside your body. A Place that feels like warm earth. Create an inside dance/ an earth dance. Begin to move on your warm earth inside. If a sound appears. Bloom Sound.


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