2018 Deep Listening Certificate. Center for Deep Listening at RPI, Troy, NY

2009 B.A. California State University Sacramento

2007 Institute for Studio Studies in conjunction with Yale summer program, France. Sarah Flohr (Yale, CSUS), Robert Reed (Yale) and Vladimir Tarasov.

Selected projects/Concerts/Exhibitions:

Creative Director, teaching

Co-Creative Director of Ma Series arts – A 501(c)3 artist-run organization dedicated to support, performance, and research by womyn, queer of color, and transgender artists

Art, Music, and Interdisciplinary Arts Instructor – working with rural and urban students in public schools and private lessons. Creating opportunities for artists to be with youth and teachers in classrooms.


Spellbreaking Two: Listening to the Dreaming Heart edited By IONE Deep Listening Publications

Drunken Boat Issue 23

Marcel Press edited by Andrea Rexilius

Bones Denver Quarterly Vol 42 #2

Solo electric guitar

Rhizome, Washington D.C. 2019

Drunken Boat CA 2018

Gold Lion Arts,CA 2017

Gold Lion Arts, CA 2016

Battery Books Pasadena, CA 2014

Racer Sessions, Seattle, Washington 2014

Wayward Series,Seattle, Washington 2014

Gold Lion Arts 2014


Washington Women in Jazz, Washington DC (Curated by Amy K. Bormet) 2019

Luggage Store Gallery Series, SF, CA (with Leyya Tawil, Dance Elixer, and Dominic Cramp) 2018

Center for New Music Quarks Matters (with Biggi Vinkeloe, Thea Fahardian, Donald Robinson, and Tim Perkis) 2018

Tiger Garage, Oakland, CA (with Lisa Harris and Biggi Vinkeloe) 2018

Ma Series Arts, Sacramento, CA (with Andrea YaYa Porras and Lisa Harris) 2018

ODC Theater SF, CA Funsch Dance Experience presents MOTHER, SISTER,DAUGHTER,MARVEL (Live score with Gretchen Jude and Kevin Corcoran) 2018

Gold Lion Arts Sacramento, CA MA Series(with Dana Reason, Gabby Fluke-Mogul and Matthew Robidoux) 2018

Craft in America Center Los Angeles, CA Open Border Series (with Amy K Bormet, Elinor Spears, Britton Reed) 2018

Gold Lion Arts Unsilent Majority (Large ensemble conducted by Ross Hammond) 2018

Finnish Hall Berkeley, CA large ensemble “70” (conducted by Vinny Golia) 2017

Gold Lion Arts (with Biggi Vinkeloe) 2017

TAC Oakland, CA (with Kevin Robinson) 2017

Gold Lion Arts Summer Festival Sacramento, Ca (with Collette McCaslin) 2016

Berkeley Arts Festival (with Adam Adhiyatma and Koari Suzuki) 2016

SIMM Series, San Francisco, CA (with Collette McCaslin) 2015

Gold Lion Arts, Sacramento, CA MA Series (with Adam Adhiyatma) 2015

In the Flow Festival Sacramento, Ca Thin Air Orchestra (Vinny Golia Conductor)

Center For Music, OutSound New Music Festival, San Francisco, CA (with Ross Hammond) 2014

Anam Cara, Eyeries, Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork, Ireland (with Pauline Oliveros and Sadee Brathwaite) 2014

Berkeley Arts Festival OrcheSperry (Phillip Greenlief Conducts) 2013

Telematic performances

Vorspiel Berlin/California Jazz Conservancy Telematic Performance MA ENSEMBLE (with Kim Nucci, Shanna Sordahl, Renee Coulombe and Lucas Sofía) 2019

Active Music Series Oakland, CA Telematic performance MA ENSEMBLE (with Ione, Lisa Harris, gabby fluke-mogul, Biggi Vinkeloe, and Tom Bickley) 2018

Conference, Presentations

Imagine Nation Brewery, Missoula Montana LakeBottom Free Sessions Missoula MT (curated by Naomi Siegel) 2018

California Arts Council Sacramento, CA (MA Series Arts with Yaya Porras and Khimberly Marshall) 2018

MALCS Sonoma State University California (with Movimiento Molcajete) 2017

Racer Sessions, Seattle Washington 2015

Video, installation

Sol Collective, Sacramento, Ca Fire 2017

Festival of Premiere Performances and Deep Listening Conference. EMPAC Rensselaer. Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. 2014

“In-Between” New work: from the mountain river basin by Amy Reed R.H. Witt Gallery, Sacramento State University 2014

“Altares Del Mundo” Brick House Gallery. Oak Park -Sacramento, Ca 2012

Second annual Open Reel film competition, presented by CCAS Vagabond 2012

Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA Short Film Festival Inflorescence 2007

Nizon, France Fete de Cabanes Vole 2007


Blue Crow Studios, Sacramento, CA “New Paintings/Tiempo Sin Temor” (with Rosita Favela)

California State University Sacramento “Ser Mujer Es Poder”. Mixed-media exhibition of multi-generational women artists (curated by Andrea Porras)

Curated projects

Multi spaces – MA Series

CSUS Witt Gallery “All My Relations” Paintings by students from Fruitridge and Meadowview communities (with Sarah Flohr)


IONE’s 23rd annual Virtual Dream Residency 2019

Ratna Ling, Deep Listening Intensive Cazadero, CA 2018

Dzogchen Beara Co. Cork Ireland (with Ministry of Maat and the PINK HOUSE) 2018

Funsch Dance Experience and ODC Theater co-present MOTHER, SISTER,DAUGHTER,MARVEL (Ensemble with Gretchen Jude and Kevin Corcoran) 2018

IONE’s 22nd annual Virtual Dream Residency with Poet/ Author Andrea Rexilius 2017

Anam Cara Retreat, Beara Peninsula, Co. Cork, Ireland Memory, Secrets, and Immortality: A Crucible for Creativity (with IONE and Pauline Oliveros) 2016

IONE’s 20th Dream Festival Virtual Dream Duo Residency with ecologist, Dr. Leo Polansky 2014


Unsilent Majority released by Gold Lion Arts Label 2018

Rivers and Song (with Ross Hammond) released by Reed Records and MA Series Arts 2018

Song No Song Released by Gold Lion Arts 2016

Rocks and Sticks with Collette McCaslin produced by Mad Moth Media and self-released 2016



Present Ma Series: Collaborations and solo performance by women: improvisers, composers, educators, and performing artists. Biggi Vinkeloe, Susan Alcorn, Andrea Neumann, Bonnie Jones, Leyya Tawil, Phillip Greenlief, Andrea Parkins, Gretchen Jude, Collette McCasalin, Strait Out Scribes, Crystal Pascucci, Emily Hay, Motoko Honda, Sharmi Basu, Shanna Sordahl, Gabby Flukes-Mogul, K. Kipperman, Nava Dunkelman, and more….



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