IONE’s 20th Dream Festival Virtual Dream Duo Residency with ecologist, Dr. Leo Polansky – dreaming through California,Venice, and the Batéké Plateau National Park (with contributions by IONE, Anne Bourne, & Ximena Alarcon)

December 21st Pauline prepares the performance. There is the sound of the circle.

December 20th: We are in a beautiful cave. there is the sound of water. We keep going back to touch the rocks. I am talking with Anne about the children. We give presents. AR

IONE: Arriving in Venice/sounds

water taxi waves

sculpt teal blue

wind sculpts fog
swans float
on the lagune

you in my dream

wondered about
the unmade bed

Anne Bourne: washing all the white linens this morning the sun is out the lake is cold and blue

December 19th entries:
late summer dream 2014: I woke up early, saw some strange cloud bank and fell back asleep. Was awake in the morning with a headache and just felt hot. Thought I’d bike to town to feel better, but fell asleep to the sound of some cheering at the Ophir School. Had dreams that there was a peace/anti-war rally going on there, a big one. I woke up and thought I’d bike over there and check it out, but then it dawned on me that there was probably no peace rally, and when I listened there was no more screaming. Looked out the window and saw some flock of birds moving though the canopy. LP

She made them penne alla vodka which even Noah ate. The birds sounds were pulsing through that hillside, and today they are going crazy too.LP

do they have fig trees in the valley? LP

IONE: Love this, Amy- very moving to me…

Leo: Batéké Plateau National Park
Batéké Plateau National Park

my son dreams a child gets shot at his school. a six grader. his last words were, ” take me to Ms. Carillo.”AR

IONE: Blessings for the dream child and thanks to and for Ms.. Carillo!

December 18th entries:
November 2014 dream : Ione comes, she arrives on her own. She says she has a scent for me – golden poppy. There is a place nearby that might have it – we walk there – there are many people – they do have it. It is 50$. i say I will return. She says she will buy it for me. She is on the phone with PO. She says my mother has been writing her. I say she is uncomfortable by the telling of my dreams. The oil is poured in the same etched glass that my auntie gave me when i visited her (I was 14. It is the same color and the same scent. Oil from a perfume maker in N. Africa. My auntie lived there most my childhood)….Ione leaves – travels south to meet PO. I am driving. there is something on top of my car…….i am holding a butterfly kite for Toshi. I am making a movie. Tosh is sitting on the couch watching the baseball game and doing his homework. I take a bath.AR

From IONE: I will buy it for you …the dream treasury is abundant

Ximena Alarcon: Butterfly kite!

On Tuesday a landowner on the west side of the marsh reported that he had a sea turtle in his diked pond. The turtle was caught and delivered to the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. The staff identified it as a green sea turtle. After a physical and some treatment the turtle was going to be sent to a turtle facility in Monterey or San Diego. The Marine Mammal Center stated that they receive a sea turtle every couple of years, but usually from somewhere along the coastline.LP

IONE: Dreaming turtles in VENICE ..turtles are healing …healing comes to turtles…IO

Ximena Alarcon: Oh dearest turtle get well and go to a nice place for you. I dreamt of your cousins two days ago.

you dreamed of snow AR
IONE: I did… I did… How did you know?
I only now recall how important that was – the night I dreamed of

I am listening to my student compose on the piano. I wake up hearing the music.AR

December 17th entries:
dream journal Oct 3. snow in the mountains – walking under trees in a city – going into a courtyard – familiar faces – an empty house – Morning sun on a blue writing/drawing table – a room to make own – snow Between the buildings – a school – a home next to others – the sun is moving East to West. a backpack of things.

December 13 2014
steady driving, staight road – the middle – Turtle Island
windy – too windy — there is a lake – full of wind – I stop – I ask a woman about the lodgings – she says they are great.

December 16th entries:
significant dream from Nov 13….I write my brother to share it…
Please tell Sophia I had a wonderful dream last night as the rain came.

Sophia and Toshi were riding awesome bikes down a steep long dirt hill in old town Sacramento — grandma was with us – I was running fast beside Sophia as she was focused on her run and catching up with Tosh – I was running beside her flying a beautiful silver sparkly streamer -I was running so fast I was flying – my knees were strong and I wasn’t afraid at all of falling. I said “look!” “Look, Soph!” and she turned her head slightly and said, “I see you auntie, I see.” and she smiled.

Love you my loves….

my brother writes back… you are flying auntie:)

I mention this same dream to my neighbor, Fizzah. She is encouraging me to run…she runs every day and 7 miles on Saturday…..

a few days later….I hear Miriam’s laughter and I see Fizzah in the golden light of late fall running across the field with her children. I run to the door to wave and yell out from my upstairs porch, “Hello!”…she waves back out-of-breath and says,” I just need a sparkly banner.”….We laugh together….

I write to Leo — he is traveling in tropical, Africa and I will meet him in Sacramento…..I write him my dream and add the second part…you were also in the dream – laughing

apparently I had left something at the ocean and we had to go back and get it and we were laughing…

He writes back…..thanks. i’ve been dreaming super heavy these last days…, sometimes about Noah and Alice, Sometimes about always trying to get somewhere but not being able to. From Franceville I’m 1 hour on paved road, 3 hours on sandy off-road that is really rough, then 1 hour by boat up a river.

great trip. really glad i came. really ready to see everyone when i get back…….


: I am flying, I am grandma, I am Auntie, I am dreaming super heavy, I am seeing you running across the field. What could I have left at the ocean? I am super sparkly, I am laughing. You too were in my dream Let us take a boar up river! Love from IO

There is a woman and a child wispering.AR

December 15th entries:
California – rain – patter – patter. Lemongrass in your tea? Away to school. Wake up singing – song no song ritual – rose petals – Away A way – a way – “Did you do that, mom? “No, Elijah did.” “Oh. That makes sense.” The table is prepared the paper is ready. You dreamed your grandmother. We begin.AR

IONE: Grandmothers arrive in dreams – voices- calling our names- telling us dream truths inter-dimensionally!

Dreams Sunday through Monday by Leo Polansky
Three separated by sort of a bright light that forced my head to turn and then into the next:
1) Friend’s anniversary party at a place where she and her husband met, on Cape Cod, MA, but where in real life I know they didn’t, and (in the dream) I couldn’t understand why we were there.
2) Dinner after the party where there was some annoying business type guy that was insisting to pay for everything, and then when I was playing catch with a football he forced his way in and then I couldn’t through the ball and the ball became flat.
3) Bike riding to a forest, stopped at a public bathroom that was in a cave. Noticed a pattern of a few plumb read leaf imprints, from perhaps a Toyon, on the back of my shirt which was a pink button down. While washing it someone came in the bathroom and I felt fear while it was on the other side of a partition. Then was washing it and the person stood at the sink next to mine and was staring at me, but I didn’t feel fear anymore because I knew he was physically smaller than me. Then some punk kids came in and I woke up.

IONE: In my version of intimate fear dream my wonderful pink shirt is ready for action now and I realize ( again) that it is the healing protection and purification for all old fears and current anxieties- both personal and world-wide

*this is a collection of writing from a virtual facebook residency by Amy Reed and Dr. Leo Polansky for IONE’S  DREAM FESTIVAL December 15th to February 15th from Venice,  Italy to Kingston, NY.  Included are contributions from Anne Borne, IONE and Ximena Alarcon.

Amy Reed is an artist and composer living in Sacramento, Ca. She is the founder of Ma Series offering performance space and support for creative work by women. Dr. Leo Polansky is a long-time friend and colleague, his research focuses on questions, models, and analytical methods related to wildlife movement ecology, population dynamics, plant phenology, and statistical ecology. He is an associate researcher at UC Davis Anthropology department and was a post doctorate researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. For our dream residency, we will incubate dreams together using familiar walks, anchors, and simple questions. We will work each morning, close to the dream-time hours, and share our reflections with the dream community in whatever form they take.


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