New Compositions

What is the sound of a burden released?

For solo or ensemble. Voice, movement, listening, and/or instrument. Begin with listening. Consider each line, listen for a tone or sound or sounds. When sound(s) appear, begin. Carry a tone or sounds for a breath cycle. Change when you no longer want to carry sound(s) or when you consider a new line. Continue until the last line or until you feel a release or ensemble finds an end together.

Movement listening:Let each movement be the duration of a breath cycle. Movement can repeat with each line or change. Move with whole body or inside or with tiny isolated movements. Dream listening: during sonic meditation, remember an old dream, change the ending of a familiar dream, dream a new dream. Listen.



what is the sound of a burden released?


a lesson well-learned


a celebration


a return


a job well-done


a start anew


a time without fear


the step towards your beautiful world




Amy Reed

Auburn, Ca Nov. 5 2017